KPM Demolition Inc. standards are defined by one word: Reliable.

Attending residents of the Boston and the surrounding areas, our years of experience enable us to understand and anticipate our customers needs before they do.

Whatever your demolition requirements are, we can do the job best. Do you have a demolition project in mind, excavating or grading job, we are all for that and encourage you to make sure we do a quality job that is to YOUR satisfaction!

Our experience and superior work ethic is the reason we exceed our customers expectations.

If you’re looking for demolition contractors in Boston consider using KPM Demolition Inc. for your next demolition project.

No job is too big or small for us. We provide all types of demolition services.

Revitalization is a constant factor in our business and residential communities. Removal of outdated buildings to make way for the new construction is a primary part of our business. In circumstances where selective demolition is required to upgrade a facility or property, KPM Demolition Inc. excels in precision and safety.

Committed to go beyond your expectations!


(781) 504 2004

(781) 504 2004

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